Web Enterprise Suite

Easily discover, view, assemble, analyze, and share geospatial data.


Web Enterprise Suite (WES)

WES provides a complete, end-to-end geospatial data infrastructure system that delivers the most comprehensive data management and decision support solution available—all within a secure, industry-standard Web-based and mobile-integrated platform.


Web Enterprise Suite (WES) manages your geospatial data by delivering a complete, end-to-end system providing geospatial interoperability, publishing, data discovery, data management, data access/collection, data analysis/synchronization, user management and collaboration.

  • Utilizing Geospatial Tools. For Decision Support. WES is based upon the utilization of geospatial tools and technologies combined with the incorporation of international standards to provide users with situational awareness to support the decision-making process. It provides an enterprise level data acquisition/management platform that delivers true situational awareness. From capture of vital information associated with first responders, field/survey and military personal to integrating Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors to the sophisticated management of all your geospatial data resources regardless of the format, WES is the leading geospatial platform that delivers.
  • Providing the Right Information. At the Right Time. The vision is to provide an environment where users and decision makers have the capability to discover, view, assemble, analyse, understand and share geospatial information, products and services for a particular area of interest, mission, incident and/or event, without needing to know the details of how the data and services are stored and maintained. Providing true transparent access. Users and decision makers are provided access to easily share information through a common, digital, geospatially referenced portal to enhance the decision-making process, information management, exploitation, manipulation, storage and dissemination.
  • Web Enterprise Suite. The Total Geospatial Solution. Manage and understand your complex geospatial and non-geospatial data using WES for maximum productivity and resilience in an ever-changing challenging world. Strategic information gathering and secure profile access is combined with intuitive user and content interfaces delivering comprehensive knowledge and awareness.

WES is a Standards-based, Commercial Off-The-Shelf (SCOTS) software package that provides organizations and agencies with the ability to build a comprehensive spatial data infrastructure that extends from the desktop, mobile computing and sensor/IoT platforms to the server/network/cloud environments. Features include the ability to:

Search, manage and discover geospatial data

Access, preview and combine distributed data

Catalog, harvest, and manage metadata

Manage both internal and external data

Access and display real-time data from sensors

Publish location-based data and systems

Integrate and maximize mobile devices and field operations

Host and access variety of data types

Connect to enterprise data management systems and portals

WES is a one-stop-shop for government organizations needing to organize, collaborate, and manage geospatial/data assets.

Productivity - Enhance your ability to utilize information to support your mission.

Improved Communications - Share your information and content at the right time supporting real-time operations.

Cost Savings - Make better use of information and content faster and more efficiently.

Situational awareness - Designed to foster greater situational awareness.

Standards-based - OGC standards mean compliance and regulated approach.

Integrated - Products, services, and systems built to work together.

Interoperable - Allows multiple disparate geospatial systems to cooperate.

Collaborative - Built to let multiple parties work together.

Scale - Operates effectively for small and large enterprises.


WES Search

An intuitive, easy-to-use, faceted search interface backed by a high-performance search engine, that finds information and content within geospatial, structured, and unstructured data.

WES Analyst

A Web mapping application that spatially fuses information, makes maps, discovers information and content, and provides a Common Operational Picture and visualization from disparate data sources and applications.


WES Portfolio

A tool to organize, group, track and visualize geospatial content from disparate data sources. It provides the capability to monitor and manage incidents and events such as missions, disaster relief, and pandemics – all in real-time or near real-time.

WES Catalog

An OGC-compliant integrated services registry and repository application, that provides management modules to enable data and service harvesting, discovery, publishing, access, and maintenance. It is tightly integrated with ArcGIS, for geospatial and non-geospatial data.


WES Sync

A replication service to allow for sharing content between installations of WES on separate hardware and/or networks in support of separate security domains, regional nodes or quality of service goals. It also supports synchronization of content and services between ArcGIS Enterprise installations.

WES Library

A replication service to allow for sharing content between installations of WES on separate hardware and/or networks in support of separate security domains, regional nodes or quality of service goals. It also supports synchronization of content and services between ArcGIS Enterprise installations.


WES Desktop

A collection of ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro add-in modules that extends the search, portfolio, and catalog capabilities of Web Enterprise Suite to ArcGIS Desktop applications.

WES Portal

A Web Portal environment integrated with the Liferay Portal that enables collaboration, knowledge sharing, and private social networking within a secure, authenticated environment.



An OGC-Compliant data acquisition system that provides the rapid integration of information from diverse sources such as cameras, and IoT sensors and devices. It is of particular value for first responders in emergency and disaster scenarios and for tasking sensors, creating alerts, and creating task chains.

GO Mobile

An Android and Windows-based mobile application that uses OGC standards to provide first responders, surveyors, and in-field data collectors with the ability to collect, consume, and share information in connected or disconnected environments.


Meta Manager

An automated, easy-to-use publishing and discovery metadata management service for geospatial, structured and unstructured, data using OGC, ISO and other metadata standards. It allows users to create and search standardized metadata from database repositories or file-based data.

Compusult Limited participates in many international standards bodies with a focus on those standards that are geospatially-related. As a result, our geospatial product development and deployment depend upon standard specifications.

The WES infrastructure is based upon the utilization of international standards used within a cohesive Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and provides users with situational awareness critical for the decision making process.


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