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Innovative software and electronics products that serve the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Pacific Rim.

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Geospatial Management

GO Mobile

An Android and Windows-based mobile application that uses OGC standards to provide first responders, surveyors, and in-field data collectors with the ability to collect, consume, and share information in connected or disconnected environments.

GO Mobile
wes desktops

Sensor Hub

An OGC-Compliant data acquisition system that provides the rapid integration of information from diverse sources such as cameras, and IoT sensors and devices. It is of particular value for first responders in emergency and disaster scenarios and for tasking sensors, creating alerts, and creating task chains.

Meta Manager

An automated, easy-to-use publishing and discovery metadata management service for geospatial, structured and unstructured, data using OGC, ISO and other metadata standards. It allows users to create and search standardized metadata from database repositories or file-based data. 

meta manager


Assistive Technology by Compusult Limited

Compusult’s Scotty Wheelchair Tray Systems are a versatile collection of attachment hardware that provides an ideal platform for mounting communication devices, reading materials, notebooks, tablets, or laptop computers to your wheelchair, desk, or almost anywhere!

Two customizable systems are available that can be tailored to your unique requirements; Kristen and Claire. With a few Scotty accessories, you can also add a cup holder, an umbrella, a fishing rod, and more.

speech-enabled imaging

Responder and Vindicator

Vindicator is a line of electronic products that use optical and electrical sensors to automatically detect on/off events and provide corresponding notification to blind, visually impaired, hearing impaired or deaf persons. Responder integrates machine vision and speech technologies to provide an automated monitoring and event notification system for workplace and industrial installations.

scotty kristen

Scotty Kristen

The Scotty Kristen is a center-mount, pedestal tray. Its slide-in base fits under a wheelchair seat cushion and includes a female quick connect. Flexibility can be increased by adding the optional angle adjustable link at one or both ends and/or increasing or decreasing the pedestal height when ordering. Quick-disconnects allow for easy storage when not in use.

Scotty Claire

The Scotty Claire is a surface mount tray assembly. Several different base mounts can be ordered and flexibility can be increased by adding the optional angle adjustable link at one or both ends of the assembly. Quick-disconnects make for easy storage when not in use.

Scotty Claire
scotty accessories and parts

Scotty Wheelchair Tray Systems

Accessories and Replacement Parts

Scotty accessories are also available including a cup holder, an umbrella, a fishing rod and more.

Outspoken Communicator Mobile System

AAC Software Options

The Outspoken Communicator Mobile System can be customized to include all or any combination of the following AAC software options.

mobile solutions

Outspoken Communicator Mobile System

EVA2 Protective Case

The EVA2 protective case is a sleek and appealing shield for the iPad select Android devices. This soft, easy-to-hold foam-based case is simple to carry and protects the device from drops and tumbles. It features a completely redesigned handle and integrated dual angle stand to provide improved stability, better viewing options, and easy attachment of Compusult's carrying strap and stylus.

Outspoken Communicator Mobile System

Mobile Accessory Bundle

The Mobile Accessory Bundle comes with a variety of accessories for your iPad or select Android devices. Each bundle includes an EVA2 protective case for your device, Compusult’s tempered glass screen protector, an optional carrying strap, an ergonomic metal stylus, and the iGo Bluetooth wireless portable speaker. Please note this bundle includes accessories only, iPad and Android devices not included.

EVA2 Held

Adaptive Switch Controllers

Our adaptive switch controllers are ideally suited for physically disabled persons and the physically challenged with limited motor control to help activate devices in their environment.

Learning, Literacy, and Play

Talking, reading, singing, and playing with your child are important to their development. Simply through playing, your children grow and develop the skills they need. With the help of learning and developmental toys, and of course with you, your children can develop their reading skills, improve hand and eye coordination and explore their imaginations, all while playing and having fun!

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