Professional IT Services

Information technology services for products, consulting, software development, and internet.

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Consulting Services

Compusult provides professional information technology services including project management, business process, and system design, systems engineering, systems integration, needs analysis, customized software development, infrastructure planning and systems implementation, deployment, and training.

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IT Consulting

Complete your IT projects more effectively with the support from our state-of-the-art technology expertise, industry best practices, and efficient processes.

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GIS Consulting

Whether you are looking for GIS outsourcing, GIS services, or need to hire GIS mapping consultants, we can help you save money and get location-based results your organization requires.

Enterprise Solutions

In collaboration with our partners, we can provide you with turnkey enterprise solutions from evaluation to deployment and maintenance.

Additionally, we are highly skilled and experienced in Enterprise Application Integration for information systems.

  • Increase your IT capabilities
  • Free up your team to be more productive, collaborative, and efficient
  • Achieve business continuity and recovery
  • Get proactive support and improved system uptime
  • Ensure data protection and backup systems are compliant with regulatory requirements

E-Commerce Solutions

Achieve the impactful online presence your business requires. With our comprehensive services and solutions, we can enhance the performance, efficiency, and capacity of your e-commerce business.

  • Safety of IT infrastructure
  • Security monitoring
  • Reduce response and resolution due to automation
  • Monitoring and managing applications, storage, network equipments
  • Employ templates, advanced technology, shopping cart, various business logics, a secure platform and dashboard

Project Management

We provide well-planned and executed project services that focus on meeting your business goals through open communication and strategic expertise. Receive objective assessments, consistent results, reduce costs, and improve process efficiencies with our proven project management methodologies.

  • Design, build, or reconfigure your network based on unique business needs and industry requirements
  • Migrate classified data seamlessly and securely
  • Update old technology and refresh hardware or software
  • Optimize your working environment and achieve objectives quicker and more efficiently
  • Consolidate hardware and load distribution to reduce capital and operating costs, minimize downtime, and increase productivity

Application Outsourcing

Our operations team can provide local or remote administration, user support, as well as system maintenance, enhancement, and hosting.

  • We can easily adapt to your organization’s specific needs and scope
  • Our IT project managers adhere to industry best practices, expierence, and certifications
  • Benefits from dedicated and personalized guidance
  • Drive efficiency and set your business up for success

Commercial Product Related Services

Compusult offers a variety of product-related services to assist customers with installation, configuration, verification and training.

  • Project Management: For small to large-scale projects that utilize Compusult products. We will assist with defining and documenting project scope and planning, while incorporating the business processes and focusing upon enterprise productivity.
  • Systems Engineering: In larger, complex installtions, we will provide Systems Engineering services that focuses upon the enterprise design and architecture for deployment of a system. The systems engineering process will involve an emperical technical investigation of the enterprise infrastructure, components, interfaces and characteristics of existing systems.
  • Application Customization: Stay abreast with the latest version of the commercial software and maintain any functionality that was implemented to meet specific needs. Extend product capabilities to meet a specific requirement, or work with an existing legacy/heritage system that does not have a standardized interface or integrate with a specialized system.
  • Systems Integration and Test: When integrating with multiple systems, we will conduct integration and test activities with your organizations assigned personnel to ensure that all systems interoperate as intended. The purpose of system integration testing is to ensure all parts of these systems successfully co-exist and exchange data where necessary. There may be more parties in the integration, for example the primary customer (consumer) can have their own customers. There may be also multiple providers.
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  • User Training: Provides introductory sessions for all aspects of the system and focuses on user interfaces and work flow.
  • System Administrator Training: This course usually includes the User Training course and provides System Administrators with a good understanding of the various aspects of the software, how to perform installation and configuration, how to maintain and manage the software and how to apply software upgrades and updates.
  • Operations and Sustainment: We can provide experienced, dependable 24/7 real-time operational support for mission critical environments. The focus is on supporting the user through the sustainment program and on making adjustments based on effectiveness and operating conditions. Systems are continuously monitored from the user perspective. A plan is created to support upgrades and log and respond to potential corrective actions. The objective is to ensure that the system performs, operates and functions as intended.

Custom Software Development

With Compusult, your application will be well-documented, have a solid architecture, and be expertly coded.

Our process and work ethic allow our team of experienced developers and project managers to create products that match your tastes and requirements as closely as possible.

Contact us to create your next interoperable Database, GIS, or Mobile application.

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  • Extensive experience in custom software development on a variety of different platforms.
  • Previously developed software for large-scale distributed systems, employing back-end data management, delivery and warehousing capabilities as well as system interfaces for use in a SOA environment.
  • Compusult's custom software development services will speed up your software development cycle, improve quality, create user-friendly interfaces, and increase the power of your application.

At Compusult, our primary goal is your mission success.

We are well-positioned to help you procure and implement successful IT solutions.