Assistive Technology by Compusult Limited

We believe in equal opportunities. Providing adaptive solutions for individuals with disabilities is at the forefront of these comprehensive technologies.

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Adaptive Technology Products & Solutions

Our line of highly innovative, cost-effective, workplace adaptation and assistive technology solutions serve accessibility and workplace adaptation markets by providing hardware and software solutions for people with special needs.

Assistive Technologies That Promote Equal Opportunities

Enable your organization to economically and reliably create more accessible environments for individuals with disabilities.

Our assistive technology products, services, and training opportunities empower individuals to participate more actively and effectively in home, work, educational and social situations.

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  • Promote equal opportunities by providing a variety of adaptive solutions to individuals with various disabilities.
  • Use advanced built-in features and spend less time or money on unnecessary work arounds and external devices.
  • Reduce physical barriers for individuals who require adaptive devices to use computer and workplace objects.
  • Reduce communication barriers for individuals who use alternative methods of communication.
  • Improve access opportunities for individuals with deafness, blindness, or those with low vision or hearing.
jouse plus


The new Jouse+ includes all the features of the Jouse3 plus a new Gaming Mode, Alternative Mouse Mode, Middle Mouse Button Mode, and Enhanced External Device Control.


JouseLite includes all the features of the Jouse+, but is lighter and smaller, including a more compact and less intrusive joystick with the same great performance.



The Jouse3 is an advanced joystick-operated plug-and-play solution. Just move the precision joystick with your mouth, cheek, chin or tongue to control your computer, mobile device*, switch-controlled device or AAC system.

Scotty Wheelchair Tray Systems

The Scotty Wheelchair Tray Systems are a versatile collection of attachment hardware that provides an ideal platform for mounting communication devices, reading materials, or notebook computers.

scotty wheelchair tray systems
Outspoken Communicator Mobile System

Outspoken Communicator Mobile System

A high-quality portable Augmentative and Alternative Communicator (AAC) bundled solution that can be customized to include an iPad or select Android device, pre-installed with various AAC software, as well as accessories such as an EVA2 protective case, tempered glass screen protector, carrying strap, ergonomic metal stylus, and the iGo Bluetooth wireless portable speaker.

Closed Caption Display Systems

Our Closed Caption Display Systems are complete, ready-to-run, closed caption ddisplay boards. All our Caption Display Systems work by extracting the closed caption (Line 21) encoding from the video signal and displaying it to a high density LED display. A wide variety of models ensure we have a system that will address your remote captioning requirements.

Closed Caption Display Systems

Purchasing Information

To purchase any of our assistive technology products or to receive additional information, please contact us.

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Hardware & Software Solutions

We believe in equal opportunities and strive to provide comprehensive adaptive solutions to those with disabilities. Our assistive technology products offer individuals the ability to more actively and effectively participate in work and social situations.

Provide individuals with visual disabilities equal opportunities to work independently with confidence.

Empower individuals with the communication tools they need to succeed in the workplace and beyond.

Accommodate those with disabilities to provide comfortable and efficient workplace environments.

Bridge the gap between ideas and production with communication and education tools for reading and writing.

Improve the functional capabilities of individuals with limited mobility at work, home, and in social situations.

Learn to use advanced features and spend less time or money on unnecessary workarounds and external devices.

At Compusult, our primary goal is your mission success.

We are well-positioned to help you procure and implement successful IT solutions.