Geospatial Management

Complete geospatial management solutions for a variety of industries so organizations are equipped to make timely, efficient, and well-informed strategic decisions.

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Geospatial Data Recovery, Delivery & Management Solutions

With precise and exact information on hand, the Web Enterprise Suite (WES) enables you to make well-informed, strategic decisions for mission-critical operations in a timely and efficient manner.

WES is a Standards-based, Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (SCOTS) software package that provides government organizations and agencies with the ability to build a comprehensive spatial data infrastructure that extends from the desktop/mobile computing platforms to the server/network/cloud environments.

  • Discover, view, assemble, analyze and share geospatial data, products, and services for a particular area of interest, without needing to know the details of how the data and services are stored and maintained by independent data custodians and systems.
  • Easy-to-use intuitive interfaces that enable users to share information through a common, digital, geospatially referenced environment.
  • Enhances information management, exploitation, manipulation, storage, and dissemination.
  • Provides data-sharing in diverse computing environments, where the support of multiple security domains can be difficult and challenging.

WES is an integrated suite composed of open source, standards-based applications, and proprietary components that enable the expedient and efficient construction of spatial data infrastructures.

Geospatial Data Recovery

Unstructured Data Recovery

Geospatial Data Visualization/Fusion

Information Management/Decision Support

Sensor Integration

Data and Product Delivery

Data/Publishing Harvesting

Geospatial Self-Service


User Management

E-Commerce Support

Mobile Device Integration

Data Hosting/Library Support

Social Media Integration

Service Integration Layer

WES Portal Integration

WES is a one-stop-shop for government organizations needing to organize, collaborate, and manage geospatial/data assets.

Rapidly discover and access information, products, and data

Easily publish/reference information, products, and data into the WES infrastructure

Integrate new functionality

Provide connectivity to legacy/heritage systems

Enable visualization of information in a geospatial, data analysis presentation environment and temporal context

Provide new standards-based connectivity to geospatial data stores and systems

Work within the secure desktop or mobile environment

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WES Analyst

WES Analyst is a dynamic Web mapping, discovery, and analysis application that spatially fuses information to provide a Common Operational Picture (COP) and C2 visualization from disparate data sources and applications.

Global Search

Global Search is the content search, discovery, indexing, harvesting, and a federated component of WES. It is a sophisticated sub-system used for the discovery of geospatial/non-geospatial information and data/data products located either locally and/or federated.

Global Search is the content search, discovery, indexing, harvesting, and a federated component of WES.
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WES Vault

WES Vault is the data warehouse component of Web Enterprise Suite (WES) that acts as a library for the storage of geospatial/non-geospatial imagery, data, and data products.

Portfolio Manager

The Portfolio Manager provides Web Enterprise Suite (WES) with the ability to manage and track information and content associated with all incidents and events an organization is supporting.

sensor hub


SensorHub software is a light-weight solution that can be deployed on any device running Java whether in the field or a server room.

Compusult Limited participates in many international standards bodies with a focus on those standards that are geospatially-related. As a result, our geospatial product development and deployment depend upon standard specifications.

The WES infrastructure is based upon the utilization of international standards used within a cohesive Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and provides users with situational awareness critical for the decision making process.


Markets We Serve

Our geospatial experts take pride in delivering useful and accurate geospatial data using the latest technologies and innovative solutions.

Mission-critical situations require detailed geospatial information. WES enables officials, warfighters, and first responders to make informed, actionable decisions.

When disaster strikes, preparedness and response to emergency situations are vital to the safety, well-being, and readiness of our communities, cities, and countries.

Organizations, scientists, and researchers alike need to be able to access and manage the vital information required to take care of our environment.

Whether facing a terrorist threat or a public health and safety issue, leaders need the right data to make critical decisions concerning the various threats affecting the communities we live in. 

While it’s important to understand environmental data as a whole, it’s essential to support the planning of natural resources at a local level.

Having a reliable and flexible application in place ensures sensors are correctly identified, retrieved, tracked, and tasked to understand more about the world we live in.

At Compusult, our primary goal is your mission success.

We are well-positioned to help you procure and implement successful IT solutions.