Gain control over diverse assets and dynamically track unlimited configuration, users, locations, and other asset information.


FasseTrack Asset Tracking Software

FasseTrack keeps you informed by providing comprehensive tracking for any number of physical assets throughout your organization. Easily identify, locate, and track all assets with a flexible and user-friendly interface that simplifies the entire process.


Asset Tracking That Saves You Time & Money

All of Compusult’s asset management solutions are designed to ensure that you have the ability to properly control assets, ultimately reducing expenses and increasing profitability.

FasseTrack, our fielded Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Software, provides comprehensive tracking of unlimited physical assets and other critical items with full barcode and RFID support.

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  • Simplifies the process of identifying, locating, and tracking all assets, from computers to general office equipment or furniture.
  • Provides real-time tracking of an unlimited number of assets, inventory, and consumable items, as well as locations and consignees.
  • Is a flexible and user-friendly system that allows users to easily search for items by multiple criteria regardless of different physical workflows and procedures.
  • Access to technical support services for clients located in the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea, the Caribbean, and Australia.

We are committed to continuously improving FasseTrack in response to our clients’ operational and business needs.

Organizations can also extend asset tracking benefits and functionality through our various applications:


FasseTrack Freedom

Manage and track data for applications such as Item Check-In/Check-Out, Asset Management and Inventory Control through remote, wireless and/or web-based access

FasseTrack Check-In/Check-Out

Track the movement and allocation of various types of items including files, tools, weaponry, books, equipment, and more. Automatically record check-in/check-out dates and access all item status information— all on a single screen. Barcode scanning fully supported.


FasseTrack Asset Management System

Easily identify, locate, and track all assets with comprehensive information on more than 50 key parameters for each— including physical identification, acquisition, depreciation, location, consignee and more.

FasseTrack Inventory Control System

Manage inventory, stock allocations by department and/or individual, stock replenishment, vendor details, items ordered, item prices from multiple vendors and other related data in an easy-to-use, integrated environment. Barcode scanning and detailed reporting fully supported.


FasseTrack Mobile

This portable data management system syncs with Compusult's FasseTrack to transfer and record your most important asset data to and from desktop PCs and servers. Runs on iOS, Android, Jaman, Aceeca PDTs. Barcode scanning and RFID tag reading fully supported.

FasseTrack keeps you informed of the status of every asset in your organization(s).

Comprehensive Real-Time Asset Tracking

Unlimited number of assets, inventory, and consumable items, as well as locations and consignees

Unlimited number of locations

Flexible Software for Everyone

Accommodates different physical workflows and procedures

Allows users to easily search for items by multiple criteria

Can optionally be hosted by Compusult or a third-party cloud service provider

Detailed Reporting & Auditing

Maintains a complete, detailed audit trail that records all user activities

Generates dozens of pre-defined reports and has the ability to produce custom ad hoc reports

Comprehensive work order and maintenance management functionality

Utilizes barcode and/or RFID technology for tracking items

Easy-to-Use, Smart Technology

Provides the ability to attach or hyperlink documents to items

Allows printing of hand receipts and kitting of items

Enables barcode label printing on compatible printers

Supports data input through multiple sources (data entry, imports, barcode scanners, RFID tag readers, etc.)

Integrates seamlessly with either Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL

Ideal for Defense & Government Agencies

We understand the difficulties that complex, geographically dispersed organizations face concerning inventory and asset management.

Our software offers a powerful, multi-user Asset Management System (AMS) for the real-time electronic tracking of unlimited assets within all areas of your operation.

FasseTrack has enabled government institutions such as the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal and State Government agencies to gain control over critical asset information for almost two decades.

Built upon the latest technologies for desktop and mobile applications, FasseTrack is ideal for defense and government agencies, high-tech companies, hospitals, education institutions, and any organization that needs to accurately manage capital assets and consumable items.

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At Compusult, our primary goal is your mission success.

We are well-positioned to help you procure and implement successful IT solutions.